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About me 

Muhannad Abu Khumrah is an Iraqi director, producer, and writer. He is best known for Hawa Baghdad (2019), Al Fashafeesh (2018) ,Al Attag (2011) . He is best known for his comedy, animation, romantic drama and commercial advertising. He holds numerous awards. Muhaned Abu KHumra was born in the city of Babylon in Iraq on April 5, 1983.


    The Babylonian Muhaned Abu Khumrah was raised up with his 2 older brothers in the heart of Baghdad.  An early interest in art led him to explore his talent to draw and create characters, his work amazed all and sundry even the gray-haired artists, and thus he won enormous prizes as a child.


As he grew up he started to watch more movies and developed his love for visual effects and animations. At the age of 17, Muhaned purchased his first computer and began exploring new programs such as 3D MAX, After Effect and Maya to improve his ability to transfer the inspiring creative world in his mind into real-looking animations. He started his career in 2D & 3D animations and then he moved into directing commercials, visual effect and designing intros and titles.


Over the years Muhaned gained well-respected reputation in the field as he worked with several TV Channels, Companies and other high profile studios in Dubai.


Currently, Muhaned is running his own Post-Production Company Etana in Dubai Media City employing his remarkable talent and imagination to create a range of TV commercials, Series in the highest Quality as well as Special Visual Effects, Motion Graphics.

مهند أبو خمرة في البرازيل
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